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June 2011


I’m pleased to inform of having signed a collaboration agreement with DFL GLOBAL BUSINESS, Shanghai, a company specializing in consulting and trading. Besides my personal friendship with the President, Mr Milton Feng, that dates back to around twenty years ago, we have already collaborated at joined projects and studies.
This important collaboration agreement has been signed to assist European companies in China as well as Chinese companies willing to enter the EU market that now can count on a strong professional support.

Companies interested in the Chinese market to buy or sell, to search for JV partners or to sell their know-how can now rely on us counting on a highly professional service. Of course we can assist you in all your internationalization plans by ourselves as well as counting on other professionals with specific skills.

Everyone knows, or at least estimates, that China is, in a sense, a world of its own, very different from ours and certainly not just for the expected language barrier. Operating in China has many aspects that, at times, frustrates the attempts of those companies that approach “planet China” without the necessary preparation. Those companies that believe that all what they need is an interpreter very often face so many problems that, in the end, will pay an exorbitant amount of time and money just to acquire the experience they needed from the beginning. The same happens to Chinese companies that often count on their participation in some European exhibitions to enter the EU. It’s not that easy: very often their investment in exhibitions, usually in a dedicated pavilion, turns out to be a waste of time and money due to the lack of knowledge of what is needed to operate in the EU Countries.

One more very important option for both EU and Chinese companies is the starting of joint ventures, many entrepreneurs are suspicious about this option when, instead, it should be taken into consideration because it will be more and more the best and most efficient tool to internationalize. Setting up JVs is one more field of intervention for DFL Business Company and myself so we look forward to be your support.

For more information about DFL Global Business you’re welcome to visit: dflglobe.com



An old saying suggests that “Union is Strength”. That’s why I’m working to create a network of collaboration agreements and alliances that will enable Professionals, Professional Studios or Company to offer a comprehensive range of high skill services. That’s why a collaboration agreement has been signed between Alberto Bertoni Consulting for Internationalization and Studio Professionale Dott. Alberto Vegni from Florence.

Besides his outstanding sales expertise in particular in the Asia-Pacific markets, Dott. Vegni specializes in companies alliances such as COMPANIES NETWORKS, CONSORTIA and ATI (Italian acronymous for Associazione Temporanea d’Impresa, i.e. Temporary Enterprises Association).

In recent times many companies have suffered significant turnover reductions due to the bad markets trend; this has reduced their investment capacity in sales and marketing activities, this resulting in a further risk of reduction of their presence in the global market arena. This problem is a serious one for large companies so it’s even worst for the small and medium size ones that, due to their limited financial strength to support sales and marketing activities, very often must curtail their action with all the disadvantages that this brings along. In such cases the solution is to join forces with other companies and share the advantages offered by making a common basket of resources meant to support a common sales and marketing action that will give benefits to all members.

Advantages are clear however let’s mention them: first is a big cost reduction for sales and marketing, thus allowing for much stronger action. Next is the possibility, for Italian companies, to access to public financing of those actions.

These are the main advantages or, at least, the most outstanding ones however there’s another one that, for importance, is certainly not below the first two ones: it’s the marketing impact of offering a wider range of products than those from just one company. Of course the best results are obtained when companies with matching ranges join forces in an ATI (see above) or in a consortium because any importer or dealer will always appreciate having just one partner for a wider range of products to be represented or sold. For any business partner this means easier, better quality and cheaper handling of his suppliers.

I believe I can say to entrepreneurs and those involved in this field that when consultants choose for themselves the same concepts that they propose to their client companies...well, it’s a guarantee!


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