Everyone can see how markets keep changing at a rate that was just unthinkable till few years ago. Thirty years ago all Chinese wore a uniform whilst today you can see more branded clothes in Shanghai or Peking than in most European capital cities; just not to talk about traffic that, was once that of millions bicycles that have been replaced today by millions motor cars. Besides China also India is today a Country of great opportunities for many european companies owners of coveted and sellable technologies. The African continent too could soon offer many opportunities for business.

In a world changing at very high speed it’s necessary to know how to deal with different markets, to try to anticipate their changes and, most of all, to have a kind of approach that allows understanding what’s the best method to profit from them. Traditional marketing methods more and more often prove to be obsolete or inefficient hence it’s necessary to have the experience and creativity to understand what’s the best way to be present in a certain market. For example industrial collaboration is more and more the method of choice because -it’s worth mentioning again- markets change because general conditions change hence also our business partners change accordingly.

Hence what’s important for any modern company is to have the capacity of recognizing opportunities and having the skills to work to transform them into further wealth of the company itself.