First of all let’s become acquainted.
My name is Alberto Bertoni and I have a long export marketing experience.
I can help your company becoming international by plotting, planning and making for you all activities required to export your products as well as to source, evaluate and manage suppliers and subcontractors in foreign Countries.
Internationalization is a need for any company. Internationalizing is necessary to sell products or services to a large and diversified clientele that’s less affected, comparing to a national or regional one, by markets turbulence.
Internationalizing means also being supplied by foreign suppliers and subcontractors in order to cut down costs or, even, it means to delocalize in particular to make it easy to penetrate in certain markets.
Experience, skills and a good rate of creativity are necessary at any company to make it become international however entrepreneurial attitude and confidence in its chances for success are required too.
Every company has its own features; that’s why it’s necessary to make a specific plan for every company taking into account corporate structure, products, foreign market presence, available assets and many other factors.
Together we can plot the best internationalization strategy for your company and implement it pursuing the target that we’ll have chosen.