Unsettled if not even volatile markets suggest that, once a company has started doing business in one of them, it’s necessary to set roots. This will protect from damages caused by big exchange rate fluctuations, introduction or increase of import duties, general trend and even the fact that relations with the appointed importer may be put into jeopardy.

Setting roots in a market is as important as entering that market however to succeed it’s necessary to know that market and Country, frequenting it and, for what it’s possible, to foresee its future changes.

What has to be done to set roots varies from one market to another as well as it depends on the kind of product and on many other factors: it might be necessary to open a representative office or branch or to set up a joint venture or, again, to sell know-how to a local manufacturer. Case record of situations and feasible solutions scenario are very wide hence it’s necessary to have the expertise and creativity that we offer to those companies that are determined to plant those roots that will be the base for stability of an already established marketing presence in the relevant markets.