It’s important to discern between selling to increase corporate turnover and selling within the framework of a corporate strategy; the first option is often chosen in place of the second so the turnover of many companies is made at random hence it’s more affected by the dangers caused by volatile markets. On top of that selling in the third millennium must be somehow flexible and independent from old style patterns in order to go along with markets tendency; hence the chosen structure is very important.

The sales structure can vary from one company to another so one company may need a network with importers and dealers whilst other companies need to set up branches in their top export markets or joint ventures in those cases when high import duties and freight charges, together with the need to adapt the products for those markets, make importing a too heavy burden. Choosing the best structure depends on the company, its products and markets hence any case has to be carefully evaluated before it’s possible to choose the most suitable structure.

This is what we can do together:

  • Taking into account all aspects of your company, of the markets where it’s already marketing its products and of those where it would like to enter;
  • Once a clear picture has been drawn about markets of interest, products positioning and corporate targets we’ll plot and implement together a sales and marketing plan.